Championship (Day 1C): Faraz Jaka Has It, Doubles

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 9: 400/800/100 Ante

Faraz Jaka
Faraz Jaka

There’s about 9,000 in the pot as the dealer spreads a suited AsQsJs flop. Faraz Jaka is first to act from the big blind, and he checks. Abbey Daniels, who was the early-position aggressor preflop, continues for 3,500. Matt Waxman calls from the button, and Jaka check-raises to 13,500. Daniels quickly calls, but Waxman folds out of the way.

Heads up now, the turn is the 2h, and Jaka leads for 28,000. Daniels calls.

The river is the 8d, and Jaka moves all in for 37,000. By this point, Daniels is suspecting something sinister, and for the first time in the hand, her decision does not come immediately. After a few seconds, though, she calls Jaka down.

“You have it?” she asks as she slides the chips into the pot.

Jaka does have it. He shows 8s4s for the flush, and Daniels mucks. Since her opponent was all in, though, her JhJc is flashed face-up by the dealer. The set of jacks is no good.

“How do I have the third best hand on that flop?” Waxman asks, claiming he folded ace-queen.

Faraz Jaka – 170,000 (212 bb)
Matt Waxman – 35,000 (44 bb)
Abbey Daniels – 22,000 (28 bb)