Championship (Day 1B): Jason Mercier Straightens Up

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 7: 250/500/75 Ante

Jason Mercier opens to 1,050 in early position, and Victor Figueroa calls one seat over. Mike Linster calls from the small blind too, and Dan Suied makes it a four-way pot with a defense of his big blind.

All four players check through the AsQd5d flop, and the turn is the 3h. The blinds check, and Mercier bets 1,900. Figueroa calls, Linster calls, and Suied folds.

The river is the 4s, and Linster checks for the third time. Mercier bets 6,800, Figueroa calls, and Linster folds.

Mercier shows 2h2c, winning the pot with a wheel. Figueroa flashes the 4h.

Jason Mercier – 64,000 (128 bb)
Victor Figueroa – 34,000 (68 bb)