Championship (Day 1A): Ari Engel Eliminated by Mukul Pahuja

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 8: 300/600/75 Ante

According to Mukul Pahuja, he opened the pot to 1,400 from the hijack, and Ari Engel three-bet to 3,600 in the cutoff. When it folded back to Pahuja, he shoved his covering stack forward, and Engel called all in for about 16,000 total.

Pahuja: Ax5x
Engel: JxJx

Engel flopped his set on the KxQxJx, but Pahuja turned the nuts with a Tx. The river 6x was no help to Engel, and he’s been eliminated just before the last break of the night.

Mukul Pahuja – 46,000 (77 bb)
Ari Engel – Eliminated