Championship: Cord Garcia – 3rd Place ($100,500)

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5,000 Ante

Cord Garcia - 3rd Place ($100,000)
Cord Garcia – 3rd Place ($100,000)

Jean Gaspard took a little piece off of Matt Affleck, doubling up with KsJc against AcTd but that didn’t slow Affleck down.

Just two hands later he had Cord Garcia all-in and they were racing. Affleck’s AdQc would need to hit against Garcia’s 7c7h to knock him out, and did just that on the KsQh3h flop.

No love for Garcia on the Qd turn or 8c river and he was on his way to the payout desk before flying out to California.

Seat 1: Matt Affleck – 8,600,000 (172 bb)
Seat 4: Jean Gaspard – 1,655,000 (33 bb)