Championship: Coolers Ice Raskin

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship

Level 4: 100/200/25 ante
Flight B Players: 172 (354 total)

At the end of the last level, Micah Raskin, who built his stack to 60k, sends his last 25k to Marsha Wolak in his second straight cooler.

After losing 32k on the previous set, over set, over set hand, Raskin, Wolak and two other players see a flop of JsTsJx.

Raskin leads out for 800, Wolak raises to 2,500, the other two players fold and Raskin calls.

Turn: Qs

Wolak bets 3k, Raskin raises to 10k, Wolak moves all in, Raskin calls.

Wolak:QhJh (full house)
Raskin:9s7s (flush)

There’s no change when the 7h hits the river and Wolak knocks out Raskin to take her stack to 60k, the same chip stack Raskin had prior to back-to-back coolers.