Championship: An Early Trip to the Rail for Newman

$1,100 Coco Poker Showdown Championship
Level 2: 75/150

Michael Newman

There was a middle-position limp, a late-position raise to 1,300 and a call. Action was on Michael Newman in the small blind. Newman was recently crippled, owned just about 2,000 chips. He jammed and all three players called.

After some side pot action trimmed the field, Newman was at risk against just one opponent.

Opponent: KsJh
Newman: As2h

Flop: Jd8d6c

Newman didn’t improve on the 5c turn or 5h river and his ace-high officially eliminated.

Per the structure sheet, the Coco Poker Showdown Championship permits unlimited re-entry through the start of Level 10. With that, Newman is already back in action with a 25,000-chip starting stack. Already owning three Seminole titles, Newman is in search of additional South Florida success.

Michael Newman – 25,000