Championship: Affleck Climbing

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 24: 12,000/24,000/3,000 Ante

Matt Affleck limped his button followed by call and check from Kevin Ho and Nathan Bjerno in the blinds. An innocent beginning to the Ks7h2c flop.

Ho and Bjerno checked, Affleck bet out 26,000 to get a call from Ho and fold from Bjerno. Ho checked again after the 9c turn and check/raised to 400,000 after Affleck bet 150,000. A four-bet shove from Affleck got a call from Ho with two pair Kh7d.

Affleck was ahead with 2h2d and his set of ducks dodged the 6c river for the double.

Affleck: 2,100,000
Ho: 1,550,000