Championship: Adam Levy Gets a Sweat

$1,100 Championship
Level 8: 500/1,000/100 Ante
Players: 157 (Late registration until 8:10 p.m.)

Adam Levy
Adam Levy

After busting Event 6 in 11th, Adam Leavy promptly finished his dinner and bought into the Championship. Sitting with about starting stack, he opened the action only to have an opponent three-bet. Levy shoved and the opponent called.

Levy: AcKs
Opponent: AhKh

The flop and turn came TsTd9hTh giving Levy’s opponent a freeroll to the flush. The board completed with the Qd. Levy let out a sigh of relief and shared a laugh with his opponent.

Levy’s stack sits at about 21,000.

Adam Levy Board