Championship: 7th Place – Stewart Newman ($31,000)

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 12K/24K/4K ante

Steward Newman was a tough opponent to knock out. He down to 4 big blinds early in the day when he ran pocket Tens into the pocket Aces of Derek Alley but kept battling.

Newman was down to 129,000 and moved all-in after Iraj Fariab limped under the gun. John Dolan counted out the chips and called the raise and Fariab let his hand go. Newman needed help with Kc9c against AdJd but the 8d3d3c flop took away some of his outs.

The 9d turn locked the hand up for Dolan and Newman was sent out in 7th place for $31,000.

Stewart Newman - 7th Place ($31,000)
Stewart Newman – 7th Place ($31,000)