Championship: 6th Place – Cliff Gladstone ($40,500)

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 15K/30K/5K ante

Cliff Gladstone was the shortest during the dinner break and talked the other five players into looking at some ICM numbers. Before staff could get back to them, Gladstone shoved for his last 379,000 on the second hand after the break.

John Dolan had opened under the gun for a min-raise and called when action folded to him. Dolan was ahead with AsJs against Ad9s and stayed that way on the AhTc8s flop. Gladstone picked up a straight draw on the 7s turn but missed his draw when the dealer dropped river Th to go out in 6th place for $40,500.

Cliff Gladstone - 6th Place ($40,500)
Cliff Gladstone – 6th Place ($40,500)