Championship: 5th Place – Iraj Fariab ($50,500)

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 15K/30K/5K ante

A potentially massive pot turned into just another huge pot for Skip McDonough. He opened for a min-raise from the button with Iraj Fariab and Bruce Snell coming along in the blinds to the QcTc4h flop.

Fariab immediately reached for chips and bet out 125,000 before Snell asked how much he was playing. When he saw the stack, Snell min-raised to 250,000 to put the action on McDonough. He opted to call the bet and Fariab moved all-in for his final 410,000.

Snell thought about it before folding and McDonough quickly called with 4s4c.

“You got me again!” Fariab exclaimed as he rolled over top-top AdQs. The 8d turn left Fariab drawing dead and out of the tournament in 5th place for $50,500 while McDonough moved over 4 million.

Iraj Fariab - 5th Place ($50,500)
Iraj Fariab – 5th Place ($50,500)