Championship: 26th Place – David Poces ($7,000)

2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 4K/8K/1K ante

David Poces moved all in under the gun for 74,000 and it was folded to Iraj Fariab who unaware that Poces had moved all in made a call for the 8,000 big blind. The floor was called over and despite Fariab’s protests and several other players at the table agreeing with Fariab it was ruled that he would have to call the 74,000 as it was his obligation to pay attention to the action at the table.

The remainder of the table folded and Fariab turned over Ah6d and it looked as if Poces and his AdKd would be the beneficiary of Fariab’s mistake. As often happens in poker though that was not what would happen here as Fariab would hit the Jc6c3s flop to give him a pair of sixes. The turn was the Jh and the river was the Jd and Poces was eliminated in 26th place for $7,000.

David Poces - 26th Place ($7,000)
David Poces – 26th Place ($7,000)