Championship: 15th Place – Noah Schwartz ($9,500)

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 6K/12K/2K ante

On the last hand of the level, Raymond McDonough opened to 36,000 from early position and Iraj Fariab called before Noah Schwartz shoved in his short stack. John Dolan folded and Richard Kirsch immediately shoved all-in over the top.

McDonough and Fariab let their hands go and Schwartz saw his move with 8d6d was in trouble against the JdJs of Kirsch. Schwartz improved on the Ts8s3s flop but was unable to improve on the turn or river to go out in 15 place for $9,500.

Noah Schwartz - 15th Place ($9,500)
Noah Schwartz – 15th Place ($9,500)