Championship: 11th Place – Roger Goindoo ($12,000)

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 8K/16K/2K ante

The other big hand happening at the same time Rober Goindoo all-in against Bruce Snell with AdJh versus 2h2s on the Js5s2c flop. There was no help when the 8h and 4s to put him on a very short stack.

Goindoo moved in a few hands later for just 21,000 and found four callers. His opponents checked down the TdTc7c8h board before Snell bet 30,000 on the 6h river. He got folds all around until Goindoo tabled KsQh which was no good against Snell’s Ah9c straight to send Goindoo out in 11th place for $12,000.

Roger Goindoo - 11th Place ($12,000)
Roger Goindoo – 11th Place ($12,000)