BYOF (Bring Your Own Fish)

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 300/600 Ante 50

Players are on a 10 minute break – 62 will return momentarily.

Shortly before the break, there was a confrontation at table 26 between two players who were obviously familiar with one another, Roger Goindoo and Josh Hillock. In the first hand, with an ace on the board, Hillock faced a 25K bet from Roger – one that was enough to bust Josh if he called and lost the hand.

“Arrrrrr,” groaned Hillock. “When I call here, you have Ace King and when I fold you have nothing.” Josh shifted in his chair and asked the clock to be called on himself. The floor came over and Hillock let the entire minute wind down. His hand dead, he playfully shoved his stack into the middle. “That’s binding,” laughed Roger as he tortured Josh by showing a 4 to show that he did not have Ace King.

A few minutes later, the two would battle again, getting it all on a J-T-5 flop. Goindoo had pocket 5’s for a flopped set and Hillock was in bad shape with Jd6d. “At least give me a sweat,” said Josh. The turn brought that sweat – another ten. “Ten,” pleaded Hillock. It wasn’t to be though and Josh was eliminated.

“BYOF,” laughed Roger as Hillock moaned. “Bring your own fish,” Goindoo added. “You writing this? Make sure you get his name right. It’s Josh. Hillock. And I’m the Fishmaster.”

The Fishmaster
The Fishmaster