Justin Gardenhire Splashing

RunGood All-Stars Cash Game

Justin Gardenhire

Justin Gardenhire has been the most active early and had two big hands that went his way. Even with a chop.

He opened a NLH pot and Jamie Kerstetter moved all in for $325.

“Jamie’s got it!” Gardenhire laughed. He called and kept his cards down while Kerstetter showed KsKh. “I have an over.” They agreed to run it twice:

Qh5c2d5d4c – first board
QcQs2cAsTs – second board

Gardenhire flipped up his AcTc and he caught an ace on the second board for the fortunate chop.

Soon after, he was heads up with Anna Antimony with the flop reading 8s7c6d. Gardenhire tossed in four black chips from the small blind and Antimony called for ~$270. Gardenhire showed 8s6h for two pair and Antimony kept her cards close as they ran it twice.

8s7c6dAcQh – first board
8s7c6dThKc – second board

Antimony checked her cards a couple times, mucked, and reached for a rebuy.

Justin Gardenhire – $945