Championship: Bruce Snell Eliminated 16th ($1,852)

$1,100 Championship
Level 17: 4,000/8,000/500 Ante
Players: 15/161

Bruce Snell
Bruce Snell eliminated 16th ($1,852)

The board was Ac3s2hKd2d and Andrew Badecker open-shoved his last 104,000 chips in a heads-up pot against Bruce Snell. Bruce, who held about 120,000 chips at the time, went in to the tank. He eventually called and Badecker flipped over Ad3c for two pair. Snell’s AxQx was second best and he was left with less than 20,000 chips.

He busted at the hands of Badecker a short time later when his KxJx couldn’t overtake Badecker’s Ax4x.

Snell earned $1,852 for the 16th-place finish. Badecker now leads the final 15 players with over 400,000.

Chip leader Andre Badecker's all-in river bet
Andre Badecker’s all-in river bet
Andrew Badecker's all-in river bet
Andrew Badecker’s all-in river bet