2016 Coco Showdown

Championship: Final Two Tables

$1,100 Championship
Level 16: 3,000/6,000/500
Players: 18/161

Table 1 (background) and Table 2 (foreground)
Table 1 (background) and Table 2 (foreground)

Table 1

Seat 1: James Newcomb
Seat 2: Adam Levy
Seat 3: Stephen Diamantas
Seat 4: Dolphus Powers
Seat 5: Robert Miller
Seat 6: Dave Whalen
Seat 7: Israel De La Ceda
Seat 8: Herbert Woodberry
Seat 9: Robert Midgette

Table 2

Seat 1: Marc Medrano
Seat 2: Stu Paterson
Seat 3: Ido Ashkenazi
Seat 4: Andrew Badecker
Seat 5: Peter Vitantonio
Seat 6: Frederico Dabus
Seat 7: Ronald Sullivan
Seat 8: Santan Noronha
Seat 9: Bruce Snell

Prize pool:

Main Event Payout

Championship: John Depersio Eliminated; Final 18 Players in the Money

$1,100 Championship
Level 16: 3,000/6,000/500
Players: 18/161

Championship bubble boy, John DePersio
Championship bubble boy, John DePersio

Florida’s John Depersio opened to 15,000 from late position and Frederico Dabus jammed from the small blind. The big blind folded and Depersio called off the last of his stack.

Dabus: 9s9d
Depersio: AhKs

The board ran out 8s7h4c5cTd and Depersio busted 19th sending the final 18 into the money.

The remaining players are now redrawing to the final two tables.

Championship: Day 2 Underway

$1,100 Championship
Level 15: 2,500/5,000/500 Ante
Players: 20/161

Day 2 chip leader Marc Medrano
Day 2 chip leader Marc Medrano

Cards are in the air for the second and final day of play in the $1,100 Coco Poker Showdown Championship. The 161-entry starting field is narrowed to the final 20 with Marc Medrano holding the chip lead.

Medrano’s 20,000-chip starting stack transformed into 292,500 over the course of yesterday’s 14 levels. He leads second place Stuart Paterson (262,500, James Newcomb (240,000), Peter Vitantonio (172,500), Adam Levy (146,000), John DePersio (94,500) and others.

Only the top 18 finishers earn prize money meaning two players will go home empty handed today. A min-cash in the event earns $1,852 while the tournament’s winner pockets $49,905.

Full Day 2 chip counts:

1. Marc Medrano – 292,500
2. Stuart Paterson – 262,500
3. Bruce Snell – 258,000
4. Israel De La Ceda – 248,500
5. James Newcomb – 240,000
6. Dave Whalen – 185,500
7. Peter Vitantonio – 172,500
8. Herbert Woodberry – 171,000
9. Santan Noronha – 171,000
10. Ronald Sullivan – 162,500
11. Adam Levy – 146,000
12. Andrew Badecker – 133,500
13. Francisco Gomez – 126,500
14. Ido Ashkenazi – 113,500
15. Dolphus Powers – 102,000
16. Robert Midgette – 95,500
17. John DePersio – 94,500
18. Robert Miller – 93,500
19. Frederico Dabus – 90,500
20. Stephen Diamantas – 69,000

Day 2 table draws

Prize pool:

Main Event PayoutUpdates throughout the tournament’s conclusion will be available right here at SeminoleCoconutCreekPoker.com.

Good luck, players!

Coco Poker Showdown Day 11 Schedule (Sunday)

Seminole Casino Coconut CreekSunday at the Coco Poker Showdown marks the last of 11 days of tournament play. Accordingly, the schedule is quite light as it features only the 20-player Championship restart. Marc Medrano leads with Stuart Paterson, James Newcomb, Peter Vitantonio and Adam Levy all on his heels.

Day 2 chip counts | Table draws | Prize Pool

Play resumes at 1 p.m. with only the top 18 players heading home with a payday. The tournament’s winner is set to earn $49,905.

More on the finale is available in the posts below.

Championship: Day 2 Chip Counts

$1,100 Championship
Day 2 Blinds: 2,500/5,000/500 Ante
Players: 20/161

Championship chip leader Marc Medrano
Championship chip leader Marc Medrano

The $1,100 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed Coco Poker Showdown Championship kicked off Saturday at 1 p.m. The series finale drew a field of 161 entries generating a prize pool of $161,000. Among those to take a shot on the South Florida felt were Seminole Hard Rock Poker Player of the Year points leader Timothy Miles, WSOP gold bracelet winner Phil Hui and David Prociak.

Following 14 levels of play, just 20 remain with Marc Medrano bagging the chip lead. Medrano owns 292,500 chips and sits in pole position with only the top 18 finishers scoring a payday. The tournament’s champion earns $49,905.

Day 2 table draws | Prize Pool

Play resumes Sunday at 1 p.m. with blinds of 2,500/5,000 and a 500 ante.

Day 2 chip counts:

RankNameChip Count
1Marc Medrano292,500
2Stuart Paterson262,500
3Bruce Snell258,000
4Israel De La Ceda248,500
5James Newcomb240,000
6Dave Whalen185,500
7Peter Vitantonio172,500
8Herbert Woodberry171,000
9Santan Noronha171,000
10Ronald Sullivan162,500
11Adam Levy146,000
12Andrew Badecker133,500
13Francisco Gomez126,500
14Ido Ashkenazi113,500
15Dolphus Powers102,000
16Robert Midgette95,500
17John DePersio94,500
18Robert Miller93,500
19Frederico Dabus90,500
20Stephen Diamantas69,000

Championship: Day 2 Table Draws

$1,100 Championship
Day 2 Blinds: 2,500/5,000/500 Ante
Players: 20/161

1James Newcomb240,000
2Adam Levy146,000
3Stephen Diamantas69,000
4Robert Miller93,500
5Dave Whalen185,500
6Israel De La Ceda248,500
7Herbert Woodberry171,000
1John DePersio94,500
2Peter Vitantonio172,500
3Francisco Gomez126,500
4Ronald Sullivan162,500
5Santan Noronha171,000
6Bruce Snell258,000
1Marc Medrano292,500
2Robert Midgette95,500
3Andrew Badecker133,500
4Stuart Paterson262,500
5Ido Ashkenazi113,500
6Dolphus Powers102,000
7Frederico Dabus90,500

Event 9: Michael Goldenberg Wins Following Four-Way Chop

2016 Coco Poker Showdown
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, Fla.
Event #9
$130 Pot Limit Omaha/No Limit Hold’em
Entries: 53
Prize Pool: $10,000
January 30, 2016

Event 9 winner Michael Goldenberg
Event 9 winner Michael Goldenberg

Coconut Creek, Fla. (January 31, 2016) — Mike Goldenberg won Event 9 of the Coco Poker Showdown shorly before midnight Saturday. The crowning achievement came in a $130 pot limit Omaha/no limit hold’em tournament and saw Goldenberg earn $2,380 following a four-way, ICM chop.

Goldenberg is 50 years old and resides in Boca Raton, Fla. He is a regular of the room, but this victory marks his first major tournament win. It came at the hands of a tested final table that included Joseph Patalano (9th) and Miguel Martinez (7th).

Following the win, Goldenberg owns four tournament cashes totaling just under $10,000.

Event 9 final results:

1st: Michael Goldenberg – $2,380
2nd: Michael Mizrachy – $2,270
3rd: Robyn Marshman – $1,553
4th: Stephen Greenstein – $1,497
5th: Farid Dhanani – $700
6th: Joseph Irgon – $550
7th: Miguel Martinez – $450
8th: David Shephard – $350
9th: Joseph Patalano – $250

Championship: Timothy Miles Eliminated

$1,100 Championship
Level 14: 2,000/4,000/400 Ante
Players: 22/161

Timothy Miles
Timothy Miles

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Player of the Year points leader Timothy Miles has been eliminated from the Coco Poker Showdown Championship. He moved all in from middle position for his last 18,000 chips and it folded all the way around to the big blind who called. Miles held JxTx and never caught up to the Ah6h of his opponent.

Miles kicked off the 2016 Seminole Hard Rock Poker season with a 3rd-place finish in the Immokalee Championship. He then went on to finish 19th here at Coconut Creek and 5th in the Hard Rock Tampa’s Winter Poker Open Championship. Another Seminole cash will have to wait until the Seminole Immokalee Poker Challenge March 8-13.

The full SHRP POY standings are available at HardRockPoker.com.

Timothy Miles

Championship: Cards Back in the Air Following Final Break

$1,100 Championship
Level 13: 2,000/4,000/400 Ante
Players: 27/161

Cards are back in the air following the final break of the night. The field is down to 27 and freshly redrawn to the final three tables. Tournament staff has confirmed with us play will conclude following Level 14 (about 11:45 p.m.) or at 10 percent of the starting field (17 players), whichever comes first.

Here’s a look at some of the notable stacks to this point:

  • Stu Patterson – 281,000
  • Israel DeLaCerda – 277,200
  • Marc Medrano – 173,800
  • Bruce Snell – 159,600
  • John Depersio – 152,600
  • Andrew Badecker – 147,100
  • Adam Levy – 145,800
  • Peter Vitantonio – 133,500
  • Timothy Miles – 115,000
  • James Newcomb – 111,900

Those to have busted include Phil Hui, David Prociak, Charles Mohler and Michael Cohen.

Championship: Israel Delacerda Sends One to the Rail

$1,100 Championship
Level 12: 1,200/2,400/300 Ante
Players: 28/161

Israel Delacerda
Israel Delacerda

Israel Delacerda busted a player in a small, four-way pot that saw his Qx9x be best on an AdKh9c8c7c board. In addition to scoring the knockout, Delacerda raked a small pot that grew his stack to 275,000. He now leads the way with 28 players remaining.

They’ll lose one more player before redrawing to the final three tables.

Event 9: Prize Pool

$130 Pot Limit Omaha/No Limit Hold’em
Level 10: 800/1,600/100 Ante
Players Remaining: 17/53

Tonight’s 6 p.m. $130 pot limit Omaha/no limit hold’em tournament drew a field of 53 entries. The $10,000 prize pool pays the top nine players at least $250. The tournament’s winner, meanwhile, scores $3,500.

Full payout structure:

Prize PoolThe clock currently shows 17 players remaining toward the end of Level 10. Among them are Joe Patalano and Miguel Martinez.

A full report will be provided after the tournament’s conclusion.

Championship: New Name Atop the Counts

$1,100 Championship
Level 11: 1,000/2,000/200 Ante
Players: 37/161

Zoltan Czinkota
Zoltan Czinkota

There’s a new name atop the Championship chip counts following a duel between Zoltan Czinkota and previous chip leader Charles Mohler. According to Zoltan, he opened the button for 5,500 and Mohler three-bet from the small blind. Zoltan called.

The flop came 7d6c3d. Mohler lead for 25,000. Zoltan called.

The turn was the Ah. Mohler checked. Zoltan moved all in and Mohler called.

Zoltan: AdKd for top pair and a flush draw
Mohler: QxQx for second pair

The board completed with the As and Zoltan raked a pot worth about 250,000. He now holds the chip lead.

Championship: Prize Pool

$1,100 Championship

The $1,100 Coco Poker Showdown Championship drew 161 entries. The $100,000 guarantee was bested to the tune of a $161,000 prize pool. The top 18 players finish in the money earning at least $1,852. Payouts escalate from there before topping out in the form of a $49,905 first prize.

Full prize structure:

2016 Coco Poker Showdown
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, Fla.
Event #8

$1,100 Championship
Entries: 161
Prize Pool: $161,000
January 30-31, 2016

Main Event Payout

Event 6: Edward Novak Wins Outright; Pockets $63K

2016 Coco Poker Showdown
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, Fla.
Event #6
$350 No Limit Hold’em
Entries: 721
Prize Pool: $250,000
January 26-30, 2016

Event 6 winner Edward Novak
Event 6 winner Edward Novak

Coconut Creek, Fla. (January 30, 2015) — Edward Novak put on a convincing performance in the Coco Poker Showdown $350 buy in Event 6 Saturday night at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. The 20-year-old newly-turned professional maneuvered through a 721-entry field before winning the event outright, pocketing $63,323 in the process.

“I ran pretty well when we started out,” Novak said of the late stages of play. “I had king-jack. I flopped a straight and held up against a flush draw. After that I clashed with a big stack and made a pretty big hero call with top pair […] I was just cruising. I had half the chips in play and there was no looking back from there — no thoughts of chopping.”

It’s not often poker players sell themselves short, but Novak did just that describing his stack as “half the chips in play”. In fact, Novak claimed nearly 6,000,000 of the roughly 8,700,000 chips in play five-handed. He never faltered en route to a heads up berth versus Fort Lauderdale pro Nancy Birnbaum. Birnbaum was at a severe disadvantage and chipped up only slightly before her pocket fives were bested by Novak’s Ad6d all in preflop. Birnbaum earned $36,906 for her runner-up finish. The score moved her over $600,000 in career earnings.

“I know [South][Florida] has a lot of good poker and some series were going on. I figured I’d take a trip [to][Coconut][Creek],” Novak, a resident of Simsbury, Conn., said.

Event 6 featured eight starting flights. The 721-entry field came up shy of matching the guarantee, but the property chipped in to get the prize pool to $250,000. All Day 2 players were in the money with notables Ory Hen (44th), Abbey Daniels (36th) and Adam Levy (11th) joining Novak in the money.

At only 20 years old, this marks Novak’s first major tournament score.

“I might have to be now. I don’t know,” Novak laughed when asked if he was a professional poker player.

Event 6 final results:

1st: Edward Novak – $63,323
2nd: Nancy Birnbaum – $36,906
3rd: Mike Chiappetta- $24,131
4th: Kimberly Jones – $16,313
5th: Paul Steiner – $11,438
6th: Andrew Smith – $8,891
7th: Ruben Ybarra – $6,844
8th: Sergio Alves – $5,047
9th: Mark Nahama – $3,547
10th: Sean Anderson – $2,594
11th: Adam Levy – $2,594
12th: Ryan Anderson – $2,594
13th: Steven Cohen – $2,047
14th: Manuel Soltera Luna – $2,047
15th: Gabriel Sack – $2,047
16th: William Handwerker – $1,719
17th: Willy Baptiste – $1,719
18th: Robert Williams – $1,719
19th: Michael Newman – $1,484
20th: Yuan Shen – $1,484
21st: David Barbieri – $1,484
22nd: Raymond Roberty – $1,484
23rd: Elliott Saydman – $1,484
24th: Oneil McCalla – $1,484
25th: David Shaw – $1,484
26th: Steven Jordan – $1,484
27th: Mike Chang – $1,484
28th: Joshua Wasserman – $1,259
29th: Scott Zakheim – $1,259
30th: Luke Doolittle – $1,259
31st: Joseph Patalano – $1,259
32nd: Clinton Bowles – $1,259
33rd: Courtney Rowe – $1,259
34th: Michael Cohen – $1,259
35th: Plamen Stoyanov – $1,259
36th: Abbey Daniels – $1,259
37th: Cory Blum – $1,059
38th: Kevin Almon – $1,059
39th: Scott Wyler – $1,059
40th: Jerry Wong – $1,059
41st: Louis Leo IV – $1,059
42nd: Eric Riley – $1,059
43rd: Giuseppe Lunetto – $1,059
44th: Ory Hen – $1,059
45th: Frank Scala – $1,059
46th: Colny Covington – $934
47th: Jorge Gomez – $934
48th: Scott Efron – $934
49th: Bryan Rodriguez – $934
50th: Zoltan Czinkota – $934
51st: Benjamin Robinson – $934
52nd: Lawrence Paden, Sr. – $934
53rd: Kevin Chan – $934
54th: Darren Stabinski – $934
55th: David Albertson – $834
56th: Robert Midgette – $834
57th: Timothy Shortell – $834
58th: Johnny Tang – $834
59th: Timothy Kegel – $834
60th: Robert Miller – $834
61st: Pedro Palacio – $834
62nd: Michael Merisier – $834
63rd: Edward Medoff – $834
64th: Carlos Loving – $725
65th: Juan Cardona Garcia – $725
66th: Dolphus Powers – $725
67th: William Beasley – $725
68th: Peter Fellows – $725
69th Francois Tremblay – $725

Championship: Santana Noronha Unfazed at the Top

$1,100 Championship
Level 10: 800/1,600/200 Ante
Players: 47/161

Level 10 has nearly expired but not much has changed in regards to the top of the Championship chip counts. With the clock showing 47 remaining of 161 starters, Santana Noronha retains his perch atop the field with 225,000.

Other notables still alive include:

  • Charles Mohler – 157,000
  • Timothy Miles – 81,000
  • Phil Hui – 55,500
  • Zoltan Czinkota – 32,000
  • Adam Levy – 31,500
  • Mike Laake – 29,000
  • Peter Vitantonio – 27,000

The prize pool has not been finalized as of yet, but once it is it will be posted here shortly thereafter.

Event 6: Edward Novak Wins Outright

$350  No Limit Hold’em
Level 27: 40,000/80,000/10,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 1/721

Edward Novak
Event 6 winner Edward Novak ($63,323)

Edward Novak of Simsbury, Conn. won Event 6 of the Coco Poker Showdown outright. He outlasted 721 entries in the $350 no limit hold’em tournament to earn $63,323.

A full report on the win will be posted shortly. In the mean time, here’s a look at the tournament’s results:

Nancy Birnbaum
Nancy Birnbaum eliminated 2nd ($36,906)
Mike Chiappetta
Mike Chiappetta eliminated 3rd ($24,131)
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones eliminated 4th ($16,313)
Paul Steiner
Paul Steiner eliminated 5th ($11,438)

Additional final table results:

5th: Paul Steiner – $11,438
6th: Andrew Smith – $8,891
7th: Ruben Ybarra – $6,844
8th: Sergio Alves – $5,047
9th: Mark Nahama – $3,547

Additional results available in the posts below

Tournament Series