Championship Day 1B: Stabinski Takes from Depersio

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 9: 400/800/100 Ante
Day 1B Players Remaining: 81 of 199

Daren Stabinski
Daren Stabinski

Two long-time SHRP regulars were battling it out at a back table when Daren Stabinski three-bet after a John Depersio open. He called to the Qc4c4h flop and check/called another bet.

Both players checked the 6c turn and Depersio took the lead for 7,000 after the 8c river before Stabinski came over the top to 22,000.

Depersio¬†thought for a bit and told the table “I wish I had a pair”. It was a club-heavy board and he released his hand.

“I have a pair,” Stabinski said. “A big one.”

He turned over pocket queens to show his flopped boat.

Both players have success here and around the state. Depersio won his first WSOP Circuit ring last September and finished third in the 990-entrant strong Coco Poker Open Deep Stack event the very next day. Stabinski has more than a half-dozen tournament wins with most of them coming on Seminole Hard Rock Poker rooms.

John Depersio
John Depersio